The Fear of the Literature Graduate

Throughout my university career I have begun multiple blog accounts – all with some sort of exciting intention or goal. Long story short, all have fallen through. Let’s not get into logistics and the technicalities of what sort of thematics I adopted. It was plainly a lack of inspiration and a laziness on my part. Ever since I was a young gal lost somewhere between San Francisco and Los Angeles, I have been a BIG reader. I could lose myself for long hours after school and into the weekend with a crisp new novel just delivered by my Scholastic book subscription.Lets fast forward a decade – not much has changed – perhaps a couple inches taller (I remain the same height as my middle school days, a feeble 5 feet) and a few hair shades lighter, but all in all, my love for books has not changed. 

I began my university career as a Statistics major in hopes that I would one day find discover a greater meaning to my seemingly pointless life than half-assing through the day just to return to the characters and plot twists of my favorite work of Agatha Christie. Evidently, this plan didn’t fly. My second year in and a hodgepodge of derivatives, confidence intervals and lengthy algebraic functions later, I became a Comparative Literature major and two quarters after that I stamped on a French major. Since that time, al has gone fairly well as my studies also were representative of my passion. BUT…. Three weeks away from graduation… what then? what should I do? That is not to say I regret becoming a literature major, but just like most of us who have that deep incessant love for the aesthetics the options for us in today’s sci-fci digital cosmos are fairly limited in comparison to the doctors, computer scientists and perhaps even engineers that seem to be sprouting up from under our feet like daisies!

I’m not the most sociable person out there so its not like I could just dial a couple numbers here and there and BAM secure some grand editorial position with Penguin Publications. Reason being? I don’t have any numbers! With no contacts (not few, but NO), little professional experience outside of one internships and a handful of academic research papers, I have slowly watched the horizon before me growing bleaker to the point of a future with three cats, a dog, a life subscription to Netflix funded by a pitiful job at the corner drugstore. Ok… hold it. I realize I am probably being too critical, but don’t stop reading. I swear, all of my babble IS getting somewhere…

So, With already a growing sense of apprehension and regrets about changing my major two years before I spent hours, days even classes (during which I should have been paying attention…Finals coming up!) clicking through classified and sending out my resume to multiple publishers, firms, and even charter schools with hopes that I may impress some organization somewhere. Days have gone by and I have yet to receive any glistening proposals.

I’m one of those gals you can find any day at the local coffeeshop daydreaming out of a window and this is exactly what I was doing when I realized. Books are my passion. Reading is my passion. Talking about what I read is my passion. By this point I already knew that without the usual three years experience, it was unlikely I would obtain a position, even as an intern for a publication firm, which had been my hope. So then how could I make my voice heard and share my thoughts about Donna Tartt’s murders or Proust’s artistic meditations? Yes! Yes! Yes! You got it my fellow reader. I have returned (this time for good) to the blogosphere!

A long (sorry guys, I have the tendency to babble and apologize for my babbling in parentheses) discourse on my university career and my fears upon graduation has ultimately lead me to the blog. Here is when I welcome comments and readers into my bibliophilic mind. I plan on sharing with you guys and hopefully creating discussion based on the book reviews I plan on posting. Maybe a post aside from a book review every now and then, such as a story or social opinion piece to keep you guys interested (I write this with Shruti’s “Chai Break: Why reviews just won’t cut it anymore” in mind), but all in all, I hope to create an atmosphere of interaction and encouragement where all thoughts interpretations and ideas about books and even the very idea (yes lets ask ourselves what we are doing when we are reading? How does the structure of a novel shape our interaction with it?) of books. If you’re tempted to knock some sense into me that there is no paycheck attached to blogging I will answer: is there also a paycheck attached to our happiness? No, there is not, and yet books have morphed, changed, and transformed human lives since the days of Aristotle and continue in a new way in today’s digital age.

This morning I just started Donna Tartt’s The Little Friend and 67 pages later, I am ALREADY hooked. I’ve read The Secret History and have about forty pages left of The Goldfinch (I’m one of those readers that carries around three books at a time in my purse) and I’m looking forward to sharing some thoughts on these works for my next (my first book review) post that should be up in the next few days.

Yours Truly,


Comments? Thoughts? Recommendations? Don’t forget to share!

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9 thoughts on “The Fear of the Literature Graduate

  1. I LOVED this post! You have a way with words and I’m so glad you’re back to blogging again.

    “If you’re tempted to knock some sense into me that there is no paycheck attached to blogging I will answer: is there also a paycheck attached to our happiness?”–LOVE IT!❤️❤️ Please keep writing! I can’t wait to read more from you!😊


  2. Reblogged this on Minority Politico and commented:
    Please visit my sister’s blog. Such an inspirational piece that should give you that little boost you need to tackle that summer reading list!


  3. Hi! I really liked this post and I’m so happy that you’re picking up blogging again. The thing is if you keep at this for long enough, it can turn into a paid gig. It all depends on how you manage and market it. I really hope a fairy godmother drops out of nowhere and offers you your dream job though! 🙂 A few bloggers around here are literature majors. Maybe you can ask them what they’re up to and how they got there. I especially recommend the blog Pages Unbound ( ) because they have tons of academic advice on their blog. Do check them out if you haven’t already!

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