Reader Babbles: Read Whah?

Dear fellow Babblers,

Humm didd lee dumm…
Write. Read. Daydream. Nightdream (not sure if that’s a word). Write. Read.
Yup. In brief, there’s a typical bibliophile for y’all.

I’m the gal you see sitting for hours on end at the local coffee shop, bookstore, park. Anywhere that I can write, read, daydream, nighdream and then write and read all over again. It doesn’t matter what time of day, what day, or what kind of day (weekday, weekend, Thanksgiving, Christmas), a reader gonna read!
The onlookers are like « Read Whah? » (emphasis on the ‘Whah? »). So allow me, if I may, to babble for all them readers parousing through the mall, sitting constipated in the bathroom stall, shifting awkwardly in the metro, waiting patiently at the nail salon, laying lackadaisically in the park – I present to y’all  6 of the tops « Whah »’s (English translation: ‘why’) us readers read. Continue reading “Reader Babbles: Read Whah?”