Reader Babbles: Read Whah?

Dear fellow Babblers,

Humm didd lee dumm…
Write. Read. Daydream. Nightdream (not sure if that’s a word). Write. Read.
Yup. In brief, there’s a typical bibliophile for y’all.

I’m the gal you see sitting for hours on end at the local coffee shop, bookstore, park. Anywhere that I can write, read, daydream, nighdream and then write and read all over again. It doesn’t matter what time of day, what day, or what kind of day (weekday, weekend, Thanksgiving, Christmas), a reader gonna read!
The onlookers are like « Read Whah? » (emphasis on the ‘Whah? »). So allow me, if I may, to babble for all them readers parousing through the mall, sitting constipated in the bathroom stall, shifting awkwardly in the metro, waiting patiently at the nail salon, laying lackadaisically in the park – I present to y’all  6 of the tops « Whah »’s (English translation: ‘why’) us readers read.

1. Ummm… i dunno, it’s… uhh.. Fun?

Let’s get the obvious out the way, shall we? Reading is FUN FUN FUN! Need I say much more? (whoa, for once I didn’t babble!)

2. Once upon a time, reality was only a universe of the Dark Lord.

Why did I just type that? Allow me to return to my babble spree: is it just me or does the very act of reading offer us an escape from reality, rendering reality itself, a foreign, forbidden territory beyond the scopes of our imagination? Do we traverse multiple fictional universes and periodically lose ourselves for hours on end within the linearity of words printed on the page?

3. My name is Delphine. My occupation is reader. And I have lived 1933098409350739059034590843 lives.

No, that was not a typo. One day I can be a wizard in Professor Snape’s class at Hogwarts. Another day I can be witness to murder of a Russian thug. The very same evening I can be drinking from a chocolate river and be held in the palm of the BFG. We read and almost instantaneously we enter different worlds, explore new possibilities, and have completely unique and bizarre experiences!

4. Oooo pretty sunrise! *Reading*Reading*Reading* Wow, what a romantic sunset! *Reading* Reading*Reading*

time flies
Reading helps the time go by! I mean, isn’t that why doctors’ waiting rooms are filled to the brim with magazines and picture books? So we don’t realize or pay attention to how utterly long it takes for them to call our name? It doesn’t matter if I’m sitting through a 12-hour flight, standing squished in Starbucks for my Frapachino, or laying in bed on a Sunday afternoon, reading is the best way to lose track, forget, and perhaps even enjoy the simple tick tock of time.

5. Hey she reads! There’s our next president!

she reads
Reading makes you smart! No kids, this is not to say that you should drop out of Geometry and read Captain Underpants till the end of your days and expect your checking account to hit the roof. Reading a novel, manga, magazine, encyclopedia, biography, memoir, short story – the list goes on! – when we read our imagination, brain, capacity for concentration grows incessantly! We not only learn fun new words, but gain access to places we may never have new existed! And how about all the cool new ideas and ideologies we become exposed to? Our minds become continuously open to new vistas and creative universes that may otherwise have not been even minutely possible!

6. Snuggle with me bookie!
There is something so beautifully and simply relaxing and comforting that comes with snuggling in bed with a book. I love those lazy Sundays that I can freely turn my phone off, drink endless bottles of chocolate coconut water, and readddddddddd as my cat Haruki naps in my lap.

cozy and snuggle
Enough for today’s readerly babble…
I’m about halfway through Sad Girls and am planning on posting a review soon. Have any of you read it?

Yours Truly,

Did I forgo a babble? Why do you read? Do you like babbling about reading too? Lets babble! I’d love to hear from ya! Comment below!

(All photo credits go to Google).

4 thoughts on “Reader Babbles: Read Whah?

  1. Hi babbler (and thanks for commenting on my blog). I totally agree with all these. I also read because it opens my horizons (e.g I’m an expert on American high schools despite never having attended one, lol) and teaches me things (like how to murder things. I joke, I joke). I adore snuggling with a book omg XD (also I loved the writing style in this post)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey there fella babbler (np your blog has super inspired me, love the posts!). Hahaha wow, well I guess that’s part of the reading experience: becoming an expert in everything we have observed and learned from a distance! 🙂 (Thank you! :D)


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