Book Babbler Conundrums

Dear fellow Babblers,

If you have unfortunately stumbled upon, become strangely intrigued by, and miraculously have thereafter clicked *Follow* on Delphine’s Babble on Some Good Reads (also know as …*where you are now*) then you will have caught on by now that I truly live up to my virtual existence as a Babbler; book Babbler if you decide to grant me such an honor.

Like most of you, I myself have a life which of school, work, commitments, commitments and then some more commitments that are supposedly important. Despite the overbearing weight that life has increasingly pounded onto me I’ve always found time, one way or another to snuggle into a silent (for once) mound under my coffee-stained blanket and read. How I fit reading into my busy, yet meaningless life is another babble for another day.

Instead, why don’t we babble (it’s more like ranting, really) about the oh so « breezy » life of book blogging. Okay, I’ve only been at it for about a month now and I already feel book blogging permeating into every sphere of my life (not that I had much going for me anyway, if you so choose to endure some more of this sort of negative, yet somewhat totally common logic check out The Fear of the Literature Graduate !), and here is why:

Book blogger = Avid Reader

harry potter avid reader
Now, I wouldn’t be much of a book blogger if I did not read, would I? There’s no way around it: a reader’s gotta read. And reading takes time! Lots of time. Sure, you can write a post about a book you have not yet finished, but when it comes to reviewing the book, I’ve found that my review becomes more precise, illustrative and reflective of the book, all the while demonstrating my overall opinion of the book. Not too many of us are fortunate enough to sit in utter isolation all day and all night to read a book. I just graduated University and I am starting two internships, one editorial and the other publishing, as well as two writing workshops. That does not leave much time devoted to books!

Book blogger = Book Babbler

babbler black cat
When I was still thinking about whether or not officially begin book blogging one of my buddies, herself an extremely experienced and talednted lifestyle blogger advised me that if I ever want to be successful in the book blogging « industry » (can I call it that?) I must (highlight must, will ya?) post AT LEAST every other day. And not just that. My posts can’t only be book reviews. And not just that. I am obliged to comment on others’ blogs as well. Okay so lets enumerate what we go through so far. Read book, more or less 400 pages OR come up with bookish discussion topic. Check. Think about book and what we want to post about it OR outline bookish discussion topic. Check. Post. Check. Read and comment on others’ blog. Check. I admit that even though I am a bit of a recluse there are some moments in between breathing through this hodgepodge of artificial reality that I would like life to step back into the « real » world (wherever that is).

Book Blogger = Babbling Blockhead

writers block
Yes, blockhead. I will read a book or come up with some original topic and as soon as I seat my tootsie in my chair, open my laptop and raise my hands to the keyboard… Suspense. Suspense. Suspense. Wait for it. It’s coming. Wait… Wait, what do I even want to say? Ever had that blockheaded feeling? Happens to me all too often. All the ideas there.Present. Meshed together in a blurry haze of words that refuse to create any comprehensible meaning. To write a review on a book or a discussion about books it’s not enough to give a simple summary or state the bare obvious. Blogging is about sharing thoughts, my loves, not just about telling what is already the established belief! While we all have things to babble on and share with the blog world, sometimes, the babble just does not readily form on the screen! No matter how many showers we take, how long our walks, how much chocolate we eat, the writing inspiration just does not come. When such a crisis occurs, write about it! Only one way to get over the writers block: WRITE!

Yours Truly,

So for the unlucky readers who have chanced upon reading my babble on my personal struggles as a book blogger, still fairly quite new, if you agree, disagree, care to share your own experiences as a blogger leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to respond! Babble on!

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16 thoughts on “Book Babbler Conundrums

  1. Thanks so much for the follow and sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I was on a blogging break. I enjoyed the babble. You don’t need to post every other day, in my opinion. Blogging should be all about having fun, and if you are having fun, your readers will sense it and return for more. Just my two cents. Enjoy. 😀

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  2. Great babble, I can relate to all these points I don’t know how many times I’ve went to write a post and spent ages just staring at a blank screen because I cant think of what to write and I always end up redrafting my post at least three or four times.

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  3. Haha! Good one. Totally got it with the blockhead. Happens to me all the time. And I agree that writing through it is best, though I often just go play Sims. 😦
    Btw, you’re one busy book blabber. Two internships and two writing workshops??!! Go gurl! 🙂

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    1. Yes! I always feel like I want to write – I’ll come up with these totally unique ideas and then it’s like, as soon as I get to that keyboard the high somehow floats away. At least you play games! I just opt for online shopping and then have to deal with the consequences of sending my bank account into the fatal negative range – haha!
      Lol, thanks. Just trying to get more experience before I enter the job market. 🙂


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