Get To Know Me Tag:Gal Behind the Babbling – Is She ‘Normal’?

Dear fellow Babblers,

Now listen here. I command for you to wish this gal a big ‘ole “Congratulations”. But not to me – no, no, no – I ain’t that narcissistic – c’mon guys! The congrats goes to my fellow babblers; all y’all who have endured my endless bookish nonsense (if we dare call books printed pages of ‘nonsense’) for the past month. Yes, my blog has turned one month today.

I initially had set out to share with the book community here on wordpress as well as on Goodreads my thoughts on books by providing you guys with reviews and ramblings on shizz pertaining to books from my fears recently graduating from UCLA as a literature major to my meanderings on identity within the blogosphere and we must not forget the actual book reviews ’cause what’s a book blog that does not review books (another discussion in itself – to be posted soon – stay tuned kiddos!) ?

So here we are now, precisely thirty days later: babbler who babbles about books and has a fear of a hopeless future hidden amongst piles and piles of written stories. Is there no more to this psychotic existent ? Preach Delphine! Preach!

We are already halfway through the year, and while I’m sure all of us bibliophiles are fretting over our monthly wrap-ups and spending the next 48 hours choosing the next 20 books (I’ll be lucky if I can shut my mouth long enough to get through at least 10!), I decided as a celebratory post not for me, but for any of you that care who the voice behind the babbling actually is (yes, I do existent, a complete, whole person with mind and body – Descartes may disagree with that statement, but omg Delphine: please shut up and get to the tag part!), I would tag myself in May @ Forever and Everly’s and Vrinda@abookishhuman ‘Get to know me’ Tag.

Now, meaningless babblings put to the side for the next couple moments as I welcome you into the mind, body, unstable imagination of Ms. Delphine:

identity crisis


Vital Stats 

Name: Delphine (very proud of my name – I know it’s pretty and proud to flaunt it)

Nickname: Fifi. My birthname is Fidan so Fifi just goes with it, I guess (idk – I don’t like either). My highschool boyfriend used to call me Faith, which his buddies and thus the rest of my hopelessly ghetto high school chose to call me.

Star Sign: Pieces – does that authomatically make me a compassionate chick – mehhh, not so much. I’m a fierce gal and fierce gals don’t give love to no one! (says the one who cried watching a documentary on Beyonce’s life *LOL*)

Occupation: I just graduated UCLA so could we say I am contemplating becoming a Gold Digger? Right now I’m interning for two publishing houses and am in the process of scouring all over the States for a job as an Editor – I’ll literally go anywhere to get a real job in a publishing house. *sigh* The dream lives on…


Hair Color:
Chocolate brown with gold highlights. Lets keep the natural color out of this “confession”.

Eye Color: Brownie baby.

Yin/Yang couple

Best Feature: I read, and I think in this digital age, anyone who lives vicariously through fictional characters and expresses their love for books over raves, clubbing, and movies counts as their “best feature”.

Braces: *Thank you spirits in the heights of L.A. for endowing me with straight teeth!*
Piercings: At one point, during my occupation as up-and-coming gangster in high school I had six piercings in each ear. Now that I assume full responsability as a semi-non-gangster I have the normal one piercing on each ear.

Tattoos: Don’t we all? I just got my fourth tattoo.

Tattoo number 4, and more to come!

Right or Left: Right??? I use my MAC so much nowadays – is this question even relevant.


Real Holiday: Isn’t every holiday ‘real’, or is this some philosophical meandering? I’m not big on birthdays just cause it’s a reason to demand attention for being one year closer to being buried deep in the earth and forgotten (I’m an Existentialist, what can I say?)

Best Friend: Can I choose a fictional character? I like them more than humanity – hence I’m a book blogger and not lifestyle blogger.

Award: Latin Honors! Deans List! Yup, UCLA double major: Comparative Literature & French. Graduating GPA” 3.929 – I’m one proud cookie about that one, given the fact that I rarely ever even showed up to classes – I mean, who needs a lecture on how to analyze a novel and how to write a short story? I have my own writing style and my own opinions about what I read and refuse to let other’s thoughts and the ‘structure’ of the university curriculum interfere with my creativity and disturbed mind.

Sport: I’m scared of anything that comes my way and could cause damage to my already horrifying face. As a result soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, volleyball – just about all sports become out of the question. To avoid becoming a fleshy blueberry, then, I’ve ran Cross Country throughout high school and now I hike for about three hours six days a week – not sure if that’s normal but what is ‘normal’ anyway?

Concert: Too loud, too many sweaty people that I don’t know, outrageous price just to stand for the next four hours to someone harmonizing an “amazing” melody into a screeching microphone – Damn straight I’ve never been!


TV Show: OOOOO Fruit’s Basket! I love, love, LOVE! Japanese manga and put to screen is perfecto… and now you know how I spend my evenings.

fruits basket

Color: Sunshine yellow! I love Spring and Summer so yellow is just a given.

Songs: Well my current playlist has A LOT of tunes from Angus & Julie Stone. My favorites from them are Living on a Rainbow and Yellow Brick Road. When I’m hiking I usually like to listen to more of something that has an “umph* such as Drake or The Weeknd (*typical*). During the rest of my activities its usually instrumental music from Yann Tiersen who is currently my absolute FAVORITE pianist (oh wait – what about Yiruma – can’t forget my fellow Koreans!).

Restaurant: Tip for being able to buy more books: DON’T EAT OUT!

Books: I’m a book blogger, hence you do not dare ask this fuming girl to actually CHOOSE! Gimme anything with a pretty cover, anything from Haruki Murakami, anything from Donna Tartt, anything where the princess saves herself, anything in which cats talk, anything where the Nigerian falls in love with the Russian (idk where that came from) – ANYTHING!

Shoes: I just bought a pair of flats from Charlotte Olympia – toodles to my savings (sorry daddy). I have no self control when it comes to shoes! My closet is brimming, I repeat BRIMMING with Doc Martens, oxfords and platforms – usually from Aldo, Espadrilles and flats from a variety of designers including Anthropologie, Kate Spade and, of course my newest Italian discovery – Charlotte Olympia.

floral kitty flats

newest addition to my million-buck collection


Feeling: Stressed *sigh*. Welcome Delphine to the adult world. Now quit your jabbering and find a job. Those 700 dollar kitty flats on your sunburned feet ain’t gonna pay themselves!

Single or Taken: Taken forever and always by an amazingly furry and purring guy named Haruki, named after my absolute favorite new contemporary author, Haruki Murakami. In case you haven’t gotten the hint, or are an absolute bimbo, Haruki is my kitty, and might I add: THE BEST KITTY IN THE UNIVERSE OF KITTY LAND!

*cuteness overload*

Eating:I have a really retarded eating schedule – I eat once a day after 8 PM and it’s 5:30 PM as I’m writing this post.

Thinking About: I’m a babbler and as such I think about 387387492794923749273957297592739472359359 things in a matter of . 39393489532 milliseconds. Maybe the most dominant thought on my mind is how to get out of my reading slump which has been setting me back on my reading list BIG TIME. Anyone got any magical recommendations ?

Watching: Sitting at my favorite coffee shop, I’m looking out the window at two police officers questioning a homeless guy who seems to have been absolutely nothing but sunbathing for the past thirty minutes – last time I checked, that isn’t illegal…

Wearing: It’s summer! That calls for every opportunity to wear dresses and sandels! Have I mentioned yet that I love the sun ? As a result, even though we are still fairly early in the season, I’ve acquired a presentable sun tan, not burn – and I’ve been happily skipping around today in short pink t-shirt dress and my favorite new Mellissa flip flops. To complete my look I’m wearing a string of water pearls that my dad gave me for my graduation (as you can see, I put a lot of thought into my fashion).

Future (do I even have one?)

Want Children: *blink* *blink* NEXT QUESTION!

Want to be married: I’m a beautiful, amazing woman and I don’t need a man to complete me!

Careers in mind: I pretty much already covered this, so let me add that I will do anything and everything and go anywhere in this fricken universe to land a position in a Publishing House! If I got to choose it would be Penguin or Harper Collins, but at this point, fresh out of university I’m not trying to be too picky.

Where You Want To Live: I’ve had this vision ever since adolescence:
A white cottage in Provence, France with a large garden where I can grow my own vegetables, fruits, and with numerous Perennials. I would travel once a week to Farmers Market in the town to sell my extras and buy and chat with the locals. I have an absolute fear of cars so a pastel yellow bike with a white basket will take me and Haruki from home to work (yes, I WILL bring my cat to work!) each day. Need I say more? Why does such a simple, scenic life seem so impossible – almost too good to ever be made true?

    Do You Believe In…

God: I’m an Existentialist and I believe only that we, as human beings, live an absurd existence in an absurd world where we are at the same time confined by and liberated by our choices. Long babble short – No.


Miracles: Yes. Each world that I create in my imagination; each world that a writer illustrates for his or her reader is nothing short of a miracle.

Love at first sight: From this period in my life, I can’t really say much about love and am in no hurry to find out.

Ghosts: Hmmm… If I believe in miracles then I should also believe in ghosts. I mean, aren’t the characters that we meat in books and the feelings we have about them kind of like, in a symbolic way, a ghostly entity? Does that even make sense?

Aliens: Anything pertaining to aliens just irritates me – there’s been too much of that done already. GET OVER IT PEOPLE!

Soul Mates: Heavens no. There’s several couples that are together for 45 years and suddenly split up. I personally don’t believe in long-term relationships period. I’m a complete liberal who believes in casual relationships and the freedom to move easily in and out between partners without having to connect emotionally with them – makes life a whole lot easier.

Heaven: If there is one, I’m pretty sure I’m not going there (lol).

Hell: Hell is other people – Jean Paul Sartre.

Kissing on a first date: Sure, why not? It doesn’t make you a better person for waiting for the second date to arrive. If you’re “feelin the vibe” then just go for it – ain’t no one gonna wag their finger at you in shame!

Yourself: Ummm…? What does this even mean? I guess I believe in myself. I wouldn’t mind some extra pixie dust every now and then, but all-in-all I’m a whole person who loves, appreciates, and makes new discoveries both in the real world and the imagined world with every thought, moment, day that comes and passes by me.

I Tag…
All y’all who have not yet completed your June “Wrap-UP” and July book “Haul”.

Yours Truly,

I’m currently reading Dear Mr. M by Herman Koch. Not exactly all that into it even though I am impressed my Koch’s play on literary techniques. A review post on the novel coming up so stay tuned my dear honeys!

Thoughts? Tips? Recommendations (don’t refer me to your perverted psychiatrist! jkjk)? Wanna compare books? Life struggles? Shoe obsessions? Comment below to catalyze a babble!

P.S.: Visit May @ Forever and Everly and Vrinda@bookishhuman’s site – as a newbie to the book blogging community, I’ve learned and gained so much from these bloggers that I highly encourage all y’all to pay there site a visit for bookish talks, reviews, recommendations!

(Extra image credits go to Google)

22 thoughts on “Get To Know Me Tag:Gal Behind the Babbling – Is She ‘Normal’?

  1. Oh god, I completely forgot about doing a June Wrap Up + July Book Haul post until I saw the end of this…//sighs// I might as well do this instead so I don’t feel so crummy about forgetting, haha. I may have already done it, though – it’s been so long I just don’t remember any more.

    I really love your answers for this tag overall! Plus your cat is SO CUTE, what a precious little bean!! What’s your favorite Haruki Murakami book? Mine is so far Norwegian Wood, although there are many of his books I haven’t had a chance to read yet. I would very much love to be an Editor, but it’s more like “what if this happened instead of the life path I’m on now?” kind of things for me. It’s so cool to see that you’re so passionate about it. What kind of books would you prefer to work on? Young adult or adult fiction? Science fiction? Contemporary? Paranormal romance? I have a friend who ghost writes bear shifter romance novels. Literally, romance novels where the love interest is also a bear. It’s glorious and I can’t imagine how she comes up with those stories, but you never know where you’ll end up, I suppose. I hope you find luck in your field, though! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! Yes – main reason why I chose to do this tag was to delay my wrap-up and July TBR post.
      Aww, thank you, he’s an absolute love bug 🙂 Kafka on the Shore was my first from Murakami and still remains my favorite. I’ve read several collections of his short stories as well which are totally AMAZING! I’ve heard such good things about Norwegian Woods – it seems to be the most popular of Murakami’s novels. I have yet to read it but your comment definitely was on my mind this afternoon when I was at Barnes & Noble bookshopping and guess who came home with Norwegian Wood?! (*ME 🙂 *)
      Really? So cool ! If I could be a Content Editor for novels, mainly YA then my happiness would be pretty much set for life. What kind of editing would you prefer? (so exciting to have so much in common!). Wow, that’s so cool! I’d love to hear more about her works – sounds riveting! Thank you for the sweet comment! I look forward to hearing more from ya soon 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh my gosh, were you able to read Norwegian Wood yet?! I haven’t started Kafka on the Shore myself, but because of you it’s waiting for me on the hold shelf at the library! ❤ I'm planning on picking up Murakami's most recent short story collection, Men Without Women, as soon as my dad is finished reading it. If only he wouldn't read so slow! *shakes fist*
        Being a Content Editor for a Children's/Young Adult publishing house would be a dream come true. Just starting out, though, or if I stuck to a smaller publishing house, I'd really enjoy being a proofreader. The last line of defense!
        I wish I could say more about my friend's writing, but she's required to keep it confidential when she's writing for a client. I'm assuming it's because some authors don't want their readers to know someone else wrote their material. Most of what I've read of hers are snippets from early manuscripts, but man, are they hilarious. I just love it.
        Thanks for your awesome reply! I'll definitely keep an eye out for your upcoming reviews! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. No, I haven’t I”m currently reading When Dimple Met Rishi, which I’m absolutely LOVING – so hilarious, have you read it? I’m definitely planning to read the short story collection first and then Norwegian Wood just because I’ve been waiting for Men Without Women since FOREVER. 🙂
        OMG right?!?! 🙂 It’s been my dream job since I was in middle school so I’ve been struggling counting my lucky stars. I intern in publishing right now, but landing a job would literally make life for me just about perfect.
        Oh I see, that’s understandable. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your friend and hopefully get the chance to see her name in bookstores soon 🙂
        Awww, well thank you for visiting my page – it’s always a delight to meet new booklovers :). Hope to hear more from ya soon!


  2. I loved reading this!
    Thank God I’m not the only one who’s afraid of things injuring their face during sports. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve been hit (on my head and face) by a basketball….I just hope it hasn’t caused internal damage. I guess I’ll never find out *shrugs*😂
    I can’t believe you were a “gangster”! Can you imagine how cool that would sound on a resume 😏😂 I’m still in school ( uni next year probably) and I’m the kid that laughs at random things…..🙈
    You had six piercings in each year! WOW. I have three piercings in each year (a basic lobe piercing and two helix). The helix piercings are taking forever to heal 🙈 no thanks to the fact that I got all four of them pierced at the same time ……
    I loved read your posts Delphine.Can’t wait for more! Stay fierce!💕😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww – your comment made my day! ❤
      OMG trust sista, the ball is the ENEMY! I'm not about the face destruction life. Same here I've had way to many Elementary school encounters with the soft cushy dodge balls aimed right at the head.
      Haha – not so sure 'cool' is the word for it – definitely will be making a mental note to leave that out of my hopeless resume. *phew* 😛 Same here – I have that dry sort of humor that while everyone else will take some situation brutally serious, I'm standing back laughing my hiney off :D.
      Yes! Such a struggle to maintain though! Wow you have a helix? So cool, I've been debating to get a bar piercing forever now… maybe before summer ends.
      Aww thanks Amber! Likewise! I look forward to reading more from ya soon!
      Happy Blogging 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Very insightful, I learned so much about you. Two things really pop out: love your tattoo and love your little kitty, such cuteness overload.. I wish I could put my hand in the computer right away! I hope you’ll get the job you want, it would be awesome. I wish I’d known about degrees like that but I was completely unaware of those options back in the day :-).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you so much 🙂
      Haha- yes he’s quite the cuddler this little guy.
      Ahh- I really hope so. Well your blog is absolutely phenomenal so you’re pretty much my idol in book blogging now! (I’m still relatively new *yikes*)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oww thanks. Well you’re a natural at blogging, I can see that already.. it takes me hours to do a tag (which is why I don’t really like doing them) but I can see you’re not only very talkative and thinking at high speed in real life ;-). I don’t know if you’d be interested be one of my BFF’s (blog friends forever) which I post once a month on average.. check it out and if you’d like, let me know.. it introduces you to my followers and I’m sure they would all like to know you and your blog 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. If only that were true *sigh*; I’ll take the compliment and run with it anyhow – haha!
        Cool, that sounds like so much fun – of course I’m definitely interested YAY BFF’S :D.


  4. I hope this doesn’t sound too creepy but… YOUR CAT IS ADORABLE!!! AND ALSO YOU’RE SO PRETTY!!!

    Anyways, loved reading your responses!! That restaurant tip is actually really helpful. I should probably stop buying so much boba, and start buying more books. But I just can’t help myself. Dx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you! You’re so sweet! My cat is like my lifeline, I have a huge attachment to this little man.
      Same here! Like I literally have to go get boba every single day. I’m one of those people who has to stick with a daily routine and cannot, for the life of me, go off of it or else I feel all weird.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve wanted a cat for forever!! Alas, everyone I live with only loves dogs, so as of now we just have a cute lil puppy. But fingers crossed!! ❤

        and omg if I just cut boba out of my life, I would save sooo much money… but I have no self-control so of course I end up failing miserably at every boba-free diet I attempt to start ):

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s how it was when I lived with my parents. We had this ferocious dog that, to this very day, still hates me but loves the rest of my family. As soon as I moved into my own place I got a cat and that was that. I literally hate leaving home everyday because I know I’m going to be missing my little cuddle buddy.

        I hope you can get a cat soon – they are such wonderful company. ❤

        I feel ya there – it's soooo hard, but hey, at least we aren't chowing down on Jack in the Box milkshakes, so we gotta give ourselves some credit here! *pat on the back* lol. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That sounds like the dream!! I’m both a cat and dog person, but for some reason everyone else I know seems convinced that cats are always secretly plotting to take over the world?? Which is probably kind of accurate but they’re still SO CUTE.

        I’ve promised to myself that I’m going to grow old with a bunch of kitties and we’ll live happily ever after ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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