The Black Cat Blue Sea Award

The Black Cat Blue Sea AwardDear fellow Babblers,

I’ve been nominated by one of my newest book buddies, Noriko at Diary of a Bookfiend for The Black Cat Blue Sea Award. Please visit her blog for some of the best reviews of published novels as well as upcoming releases. Dearest Noriko, if you’re reading this rambling (I sure hope you are) just know that your blog has become of of my greatest inspiration! No joke kiddos – like, for those of you wanting to take part in the hype circulating one of the newest YA novels, When Dimple Met Rishi, you’re just gonna have to check out what she’s gotta say about it here.
Now for the award…

This Award is quoi?

Them social media hippies who care to make their blog especially interesting and attractive for all readers is what this award is all about. I know some of you must be like “Dude, Delphine, last time we checked your writing was more suited for the projects than real life, fully functioning humans”. And allow Ms. Delphine to say, “What chu know about ‘fully functioning humans’ anyhow? Ain’t nobody forcing y’all to read!.” The nominees write to shake the quit blogosphere, not to silence it, so of course there has gotta be a little craziness to it! The greatest part of this award is that bloggers are given the opportunities to express gratitude to other bloggers who they feel deserve the award, regardless of the stats we pretend to not care about.

Rules (don’t go too happy just yet my lovelies):

  • Up to 8 lucky bloggers can be nominated by the nominee
  • The nominee has work to do. The nominator poses three questions that the nominee must (a little strict, don’t cha think) answer with full, and brutal honest (as if we would have know whether or not you lied)
  • The nominees (YOU) continue the chain by posing three new questions
  • Offensive questions are free to be ignored (don’t ask freaky stuff kids, use your best judgement!)


1. What would you like bloggers to do more of that they aren’t doing right now?

Why such a critical question, huh? I’ve mainly kept myself within the confines of the book blogging community and those whom I follow have never failed to amaze and entertain me, as a reader. Everyones writing style is different and everyone’s narrative voice comes out uniquely in their posts. That being said, to ask for our fellow bloggers to do something in their writing that they aren’t doing already completely defeats the purpose of blogging. We blog because we have something we want to say, discuss, illustrate to our readers whether it be our musings on books, recommendations on fitness, tutorials on makeup. I’m pretty sure I just rambled without arriving at no particular answer, but. like, I’m a babbler what can you expect ?

2. Tell us 4 things about yourself, one of which is not true… And see if we can guess.

  • My dream job is to work for a major publisher such as Penguin Random House or HarperCollins. I’ve always loved to read so being paid to read and edit author works’ is my perception of living the bibliophile dream. Whether it be as a publisher, editor, or marketing coordinator, as long as I’m in the sphere of books and publishing I don’t think I could ask for a better life. If any of y’all have read any of my previous posts you’ll totally know whether or not this is true of false.
  • I’m vegan, but I’m also anaemic. How does that work? I’m not sure if it works but it must work (how many more times is this chick gonna say ‘work’?) if I’ve been vegan for the past 5 years and am still totally healthy. I mainly snack on veggies and nuts throughout the day and that usually keeps me going through my chill, yet busy (I guess) days. Oh! And mangoes! I live for mangoes, absolutely my favorite of the divine spirit’s creation in the history of ever!
  • I’m a shoe addict! If it’s not books, it has gotta be shoes. I’m pretty sure I have over 50 pairs of shoes at this point. You would think by now at least, I would at least have stopped on this terribly detrimental binge of mine, but nope, not yet, try again later! There’s really no price tag that an L.A. gal can put on a pair pretty kitty flats or thong sandals to show off a delicate new pedicure (not that I ever get one, but just go with it!).
  • I’m a shy lil flower. No nonsense here guys! Sure I babble, use a ghetto slang to keep y’all entertained here on wordpress and wherever else you happen to follow me, but, sorry to say, I’m one hell of an introvert! I don’t have many friends for this very reason so blogging has honestly helped me to connect more with other book lovers and writers like myself.
  • I love art, paintings in particular. Unfortunately, I’m not an artist myself but I fully adore, respect, and support struggling artists of the 21st century. My all time favorite movement is Surrealism and Post Impressionism – the period between the fin du siècle and the roaring twenties. My favorite painter is Marc Chagall. I love his imagination and the childish way in which he illustrates his perceptions and views of the world. If I hadn’t majored in Comparative Literature and French I definitely would have chosen Art History. I live just a block away from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and, although I haven’t had the chance to pay it as many visits as I would like, I nonetheless enjoy flipping through my multiple art catalogs as well as Pinterest to at least feel as though I’m offering much needed attention and admiration for the artists’ imagination.


* Hint – a babbler is a babbler, no matter how big or small. A babbler is a babbler no matter where he/she chooses to babble. A babbler is a babbler no matter his/her friend count.
(P.S. I just realized that I did 5 instead of 4… just goes to show how absolutely narcissistic I am – LOL! I just love to talk about my awesomeness *hair flip*)

3. Describe a perfect day that balances all the things you love.

I pretty much do what I love every single day so there won’t be much of a detour from the norm here, but I’ll try to add some new stuff here and there just for variety. I would get up at the peak of dawn for my morning hike. I can never really get in touch with reality until I’ve connected with nature and had the chance to breathe its fresh abundance (living in L.A., the capital of smog central, breathing natural air in peace and quiet is kinda sorta a big deal).
Following my three hour love affair with nature I would come home, shower and head over to one of my favorite coffee shops, Bricks & Scones for some much-deserved quality reading and blogging time. After a few hours of Haruki Murakami and commenting on my buddies’ posts, I would spend a little time on Goodreads and Netgalley, checking out the reviews on some new releases.


After that I’d head over to Barnes & Noble and stock up on some more of Haruki Murakami and whatever else catches my eye. A perfect day is never truly perfect withou some pretty new kicks to make my ugly little feet tad bit more bearable. My Kate Spade high is finally dying down so my dad won’t have to worry too much about a new stack of overdrafts. But don’t get too perky yet pops, there’s always Nordstrom, and more selection at that! Just a couple weeks ago, as I’ve mentioned before, I bought these adorable kitty flats from an Italian designer, Charlotte Olympia. They are handcrafted and have innocent golden heals – I literally feel like I’m walking on gold when I wear them! Best 700 bucks I’ve ever spent.

Around 5 I would head over to my neighborhood boba cafe and unwind with my favorite lemon black tea and new books for a couple hours until about 7 and then head home for endless cuddle time with Haruki.

IMG_9680.jpg            IMG_9791.jpg

Yours Truly, 


My nominees:

Zezee with Books
Lynn’s Book Blog
Stephanie’s Book Reviews
Coffeeloving Bookoholic
Dandelions Inspired
The Belgian Reviewer
Bookish Brianne
Milliebot Reads

Thank you again to Noriko and for my nominees a warm hug and friendly smooch. If you a lazy tushy who doesn’t like to be nominated, for whatever reason, feel free to muse and skip, I just want to let you know that you are loved!

evil laughter

Three questions for my nominees’ :

Tell us, be honest, what is on your mind right now?

.Describe what, not a perfect day, but a perfect life, consists of.

Name four activities, besides reading, that fill the hours of you days.

(I do not assume credits for the Black Cat Blue Sea logo in the beginning of this post)

16 thoughts on “The Black Cat Blue Sea Award

  1. Hello, Delphine! Omg, thank you so so much for such sweet words, but seriously?? You are too sweet ❤
    I really enjoyed reading your answers and loved how you added your personal twist even to the questions and rules! I really loved it!
    As for true and false… I know you're into shoes because I remember seeing a photo recently, but… ughhh… introvert! You're definitely NOT introvert! No?


    1. Yes ! Really! Absolutely no joke your site is fabulous! I use it all the time as a model on how I want my own to look in terms of presentation. Your reviews are definitely amazing and I’ve found several new items to add to my own TBR thanks to you 😀
      Haha- RIGHT you are, I’m totally not an introvert! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! So cool! You truly are a diamond in the rough 🙂
    Enjoyed reading your post, and by the way.. your memes are crazy hilarious 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I know how I would answer that first question. I would like bloggers to find other ways to talk about books than just giving synopses, or worse – spoilers. I try to do it as little as possible. There are not many bloggers who give things away, but I am always so disappointed when I read something like that.

    Would have never been able to tell you’re an introvert 😀 but I guess the point IS that you can never tell online!

    Also: I know a person who BOUGHT a painting by Chagall. No kidding. A very little one, but hey.

    Mmm… NetGalley. The perfect day indeed 😀 And oh my, those shoes… I actually hate shoe shopping like the worst thing ever :/ it’s because I have very non-standard feet. They are small, yet wide. So almost every shoe will NOT fit, cripple my feet, and I also have toe problems, so bad shoes = toe infections. Jesus… I wish shoes were not a thing 😀 or maybe that I could *make* shoes? That would solve some problems.

    And wow, that is one gorgeous photo of you!! And your little cuddly kitty.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah! So true, I’ve noticed a lot of that as well and it totally ruins my even wanting to read a book. And also when I read too many reviews of the same book I feel as though my experience of the book will be somewhat skewed according to what everyone else has said about it.
      No – I’m not an introvert that’s the one characteristic from the list I provided that I lied about and the readers were supposed to guess 😀 *hehe* Fooled ya! 😀
      Whoa!!! Really?!?!?! Do you know which one it was?
      Maybe that’s the best thing – to have irregular feet in exchange for no longer being broke (LOL). Hmmm, that’s a definite possibility, if you do decided to design your own shoes hit me up cause I just may want to invest in your line (a girl can never have too many shoes ya know 😉 ).
      Haha – aww thanks doll ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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