The Sunshine Blogger Award | 2

Dear fellow Babblers,

Okay. Tell me how in Homer’s jelly doughnut stratosphere this is possible…. Delphine wakes up, spends hours cruising through social media and making new book buddies in God knows what country, island, box. She comments, plans posts, thinks about posts, and reads. And yet here Delphine is to tell y’all “I’M BEHIND!” Time has not been on my side lately and if I have not responded to some fellow babblers comments (as if any of you care, I know you just want me to pay attention to your blog and click that blue glowing “follow” icon) I deeply and from the bottom of my swiss cheesy little heart apologize!

So here I am, after a pillow scream, chips ahoy cookie binge, and cat cuddle session later to provide you with Sunshine Blogger Award take 2! I love the book blogging community for all this fun and meaningless opportunities to learn more about the pretty (or perhaps not so pretty) little faces behind every blogging account. One of my best friends that I’ve managed to make in the short time I’ve been blogging, Noriko at diaryofabookfiend has nominated me for this award. She has been a pleasure to get to know and her posts and comments (she’s one hell of an active blogger *phew* – lemme catch my breath here!) are so charming and a delight to read every time. Wait… Could it be that you, Noriko, are the reason I’ve fallen behind?!?! Yes, her posts are that good kiddos so if you think you know what an amazing book review is stick your head in a toilet and get off your high horse, visit her blog, and only then are you allowed to return for a babble with Señorita Delphine… Rules:

  1.  Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

Noriko’s Questions:

          1. What are your plans for this summer?

Well right now I’m pretending to study for the GRE. I say pretend as the more I stare at the practice tests and badger my brain with vocabulary from the Dickens era I only learn that I have the IQ of Dory. For my nonamericans out there the GRE is a test of who can memorize the most mumbo jumbo in the shortest amount of time and barf it up on the spot during a four hour exam where one is forced to click through multiple choice questions on a twenty year old PC. We must waste away our precious lives taking this exam in order to gain admittance into graduate school… as if we learned nothing during our undergraduate studies and have to yet again prove ourselves. I’m also interning for TOKYOPOP publishing which I love with a burning passion as my dream career is to work in the book industry… No duh, ain’t that why I’m a book blogger? The rest of the time I plan on devoting to developing my site and gaining more insight through the book blogging community along with my lovelies here.

          2. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I ain’t gotta change nutin’ mah dawg cuz I’m the bomb like *tick* *tick.* I swear I must have been an underground rapper in a previous life. Oh wait, have any of you seen that movie Confessions of a Shopaholic? The title basically speaks for itself. I have a tendency to go credit card happy at random moments of the day and from that point I’m literally unstoppable. So maybe a bit more self control when it comes to my shopping, especially pretty shoes (*As Delphine opens a new tab to look up the newest sales on Michael Kors*).

3. What is you favorite book genre?

Two months ago when I was still a prisoner of the education system I would have said “classics, gimme gimme Proust.” However, now that I am a free little blue jay, I have been exploring various genres and have been receiving so many wonderful book recommendations from all my book nerds that I can happily blame, yet again, academia for attempting to shape me into an old fart. Now, when you say, “genre” I say “Gimme gimme Young Adult. Gimme gimme Fantasy. Gimme gimme more!”

4. Who is your recent fictional crush?

Young hottie bad boy Russian Boris from Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch. Of course I gotta pick an underground thug from my absolute favorite novel to coalesce my sarcastic vitality *whippin mah hair back and forth.*

  5. Coffee or tea drinker?

Proud tea drinker ever since my coffee overdose during high school. You guys didn’t know that it is possible to overdose on coffee, huh? Well let me open your pretty little eyes and holler “coffee is a stimulant you dolt!” Therefore I start every one of my productive little mornings with a cup of my favorite Harrods tea blend imported directly from foggy ‘ole London.

      6. If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

I’m also assuming that this one food will not turn me into a massive behemoth so you’re damn straight if you guessed cookies! Give me an endless supply of chewy chocolate chip with a cup of Earl Gray and I’m set for a hermit life in the woods in a cottage made of books.

          7. Night owl or morning person?

I’m a morning person in as far as I wake up every morning at 4:30 to go hiking or jogging depending on my energy level. However, don’t you dare try to strike a 6 am conversation with me during these twilight hours if you would like your face to stay in one piece.

          8. What is your superpower?

Excuse my lack of feminine mannerisms here but how the eff am I supposed to even answer this? I ain’t no teenage ninja turtle who flies over rabbit holes and fights off Pokemon and his crew!

9. What’s the weirdest or most unusual thing you have ever eaten?

I can’t think of anything I’m eaten that’s weird as I live off the diet of a rabbit, munching on carrots, cauliflower, mangoes (do rabbits even eat mangoes?) and dry nuts but I can definitely think of something I’ve had to drink. Once upon a time Señorita Delphine had a sadly crippled face of zits, scars and bumps due to an electricity shock (a battery exploded in my face… of course something like that would happen to this girl). Her daddy took her to an herb doctor, or so he called himself, in Chinatown for some remedy to my ugliness. Long babble short, he created a lovely little wicked brew that he referred to as tea. He was nice enough to warn me not to drink it lackadaisically as I would with “regular” tea. But, I mean, who am I to listen, I’m too much of a hard a**.” Anyway I come home, my dad brews the stuff in his cauldron. Gives it to me, I drink, and I am instantly gagging my guts out. I cannot even describe to you the bitterness of the flavor. I would not even want my worst enemy (i.e. Trump) to endure the same experience, and the fact that I had to drink this shizz for the next 30 days did not help my zest for a pretty new face at the time. For those of you wondering if the tea potion worked it didn’t so please don’t go wantdering over to an herb guru to help you out with you teenage hormonal zits. You’ll be better off with toilet cleaner (not that I’ve tried it).

          10. What do you love most about YOU?

Yay, now let my conceited wit shine through! I love myself for all my flaws that render me a human being. I don’t try to be perfect, graceful, or sweet and tender hearted. I am who I am and I don’t try to hide it. If I want to do something I do it and if I want to say something I say it. I don’t care all too much about rules or the norm. I live in my own looney-gooney la la land and will spontaneously get tattoos or buy something just because I can. Go free people!

          11. What are your passions in life?

I repeat this same dream all the time. All joking aside (for once) I really really, like no one has no idea, would love to work for a publishing company. For as long as I can remember I’ve been an avid reader, as I grew up in a not so great environment with anger and tension lurking in all corners, so reading helped me escape reality and the brutality that I was witnessing around me. I have grown increasingly fascinated with the publishing industry in terms of the ways in which books are marketed and made desirable to consumers through various social media platforms. Having received my undergraduate degree in French and Comparative Literature I am looking to continue my academic career by attending graduate school in digital social media in hopes that it will give me all the skills and qualifications needed to land my dream career at Penguin Random House. That’s all I want.

My Victims:

Mia @miathebookaddict 
Corina and Tijuana @booktwinreviews
Suzanne @ireadnovels
Lauren @literarywisdom
Karalee @talesofbelle
Kim @byhookorbybook
Tae @tizzymatic
Katytlyn @thebohemianbookworm
Angela @eggreader
Abbie @cafebookbean
Shoto @bookishbabbles

Questions for the chosen 11:

  1. What inspires your writing?
  2. What color describes you and how?
  3. If you could be one furry creature which would it be?
  4. Recommend 3 books from 3 genres.
  5. What kind of reader are you?
  6. What do you think about monthly TBRs?
  7. What was your favorite tv show growing up?
  8. Who do you picture yourself as ten years from now?
  9. What’s your definition of a first date?
  10. How do you pay the bills? (job guys, come on, I know y’all ain’t gettin paid for this blogging)
  11. What is your current obsession, besides reading? (no cheating)

Yours Truly,

Before I release y’all from my clutches: Thank you so much to all my readers and followers – I appreciate each and every one of you. It’s always been hard for me to find friends who are bibliophiles as I am and the book blogging community has provided me with a wonderful gateway to share my love for books with others, like myself, who live through pages.


15 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award | 2

  1. That’s okay you’re behind. You are super busy this summer. And your description of the GRE is hilarious!
    And wow about the battery blowing up! How did that happen?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha – as you can see I’m a study hater – I can’t pay attention for the life of me… it’s a wonder how I made it through school!
      Oh – I got one of those machine-activated facial cleansers that are powered by a battery and I guess some water went into the section where the battery is inserted. So when I clicked the “on” button and touched it to my face sure enough, a big spark and explosion right at my face!!! Sounds funny now, but in the moment it was traumatic lol.


  2. Thank you for the sweet intro, Delphine!! This is a great post; I got to know a lot about you! Hope your dream of working in a publishing company come true!! I loved your answer to the last wuestion😊✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I try not to be too boring and dull – perhaps a bit too silly, but oh well. Haha – what can I say? I’m an early bird… I also have intense insomnia, so that could perhaps also be the reason.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well I hike and jog by myself so I’m free from talking for a good 4 hours until I get to work around 11 am. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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