What Makes You Happy Tag

Dear fellow Babblers,

It’s Monday and all the kiddies out there are begging their mamas and papas for money to buy gel pens, elmer purple glue, and Bratz (is that even a ‘thing’ anymore?) backpacks to show off to their dimwit crushes come the first day of school. While I am getting older I’m sure as Pete happy not to be in that hormonally unstable period in my life. Ugh – acne, blubber in all the wrong places, and not to mention and outrageous appetite that sent my allowance into the negatives (girls gotta eat ya know!)…

… And what am I doing? I’m sitting across from an epically gorgeous guy at my local coffee bean and while I should be looking at the screen as I type this babble I just can’t take my eyes off this boo thang. But then again I gotta stay invisible taken the fact that my lazy tushy literally walked out in public this morning with the same getup she went to sleep in last night. And to make matters worse there’s a grape fruit stain on my tee shirt… Help. A-JOLT. Pause. Allow me to iron my pot belly down, slip on a teenie-weenie-polka-dot bikini and head back in and then maybe he and I can “talk” (code for run off together towards the sunset).

Anyway the previous two paragraphs were ramblings from the purpose of this post. Perhaps I’m just happy to be conceited yet again? I get to tell all y’all what makes Señorita Delphine (hence moi) happy dappy paddy wacky! Thank you to the book and coffee enthusiast, Alex over at coffeeloving bookaholic for tagging me in the, yup you know it my lovelies, What Makes You Happy Tag. I met this eclectic gal about a month ago and have such a pleasure talking books with her. If you love, or at least tolerate me, please place your pretty little finger on zee mouse and click over to her blog. There you will find some of the most excellent reviews of anything from Young Adult to Adult Contemporary. And not to mention all the fun weekly memes and, of course tags, that Alex is known for. Now, if you would please excusez-moi, but now it’s all about me cause I’m a bad b**** as I offer you the happy pill into my notoriously thuggin life.

List Five Things That Make You Happy

      1. Books

No s*** guys. I mean, you follow me for the book stuff – reviews, tags, chats, nominations – don’t cha? So you better believe books make my dark little heart swoon. I’ve always, ever since my mama trapped me on the couch with Phonics and those annoying Leapfrog reading comprehension games I loved reading. First of all it was a wonderful way to spend time with my mama and have all attention directed towards me (as you can see, I grew up a self-centered brat, you can thank my overindulgent parents for that one). Second of all, it was, as well all tend to say, one of the only ways for me to feel as though I really could step out of reality for as long as I wanted. There would be no one around to tell me goblins, faeries, or talking cats were not real. It opened my imagination to the possibilities and miracles that can be explore in the mind. The magical ability to explore multiple fictional universes and become a villain, princess, or even an Italian mafia lord is always something that I find one of the greatest gifts reality can offer us. Now, onto the next one *DJ Khaled voice).

    2. Haruki

Y’all know my dear soulmate, Haruki by now. And if not, congratulations cause now you do. He is my little domestic kitty, just shy of one year right now. And I love him beyond all words. And yet, here I am to offer a heavy dose of words to describe him: shy, lapcat, sleepyhead, hungry (if I didn’t discipline him, I’m pretty sure he’d be as big as Augustus from Willy Wonka by now), precious, gentle, diffident, sweet, cuddle king, whiny, purr-errr. And yes, more pictures of my little camera slut are featured below. Photo credits go to his very own camera pimp (moi).

  3. My mama

I really hope my mom reads this blog post, or at least skips to this part as the previous paragraphs only demonstrate my lack of comprehensible vocabulary. My mama is definitely one of those hip, trendy gals. Beware of having serious convos with her though because my mom speaks in only anecdotes and full on jokes. She’s my go to when it comes to outfit advise, as my sense of style seems to have gone down recently, no thanks to my lounging around reading which has become my 24 hour job. She’s always there and does everything, and I mean EVERYTHING for me, because, as I said before, I’m a spoiled little slut who needs ’round the clock supervision. Anyway, if you are reading this my mama dearest, you make me happy – just stop texting me so much, it’s annoying!

    3. Shoes. Oh my gawd. Shoes.

Okay I have a problem. If it’s not books, it’s shoes. I love shoes. I literally entertain myself during my morning jogs trying to come up with good reasons why I need to head over to the shopping plaza or go onto my favorite designeer shopping platform, Shopbop, and order new flats, kitten heals, platform sneekers, espadrilles – anything – wells, except stilletos and heals. I mean, as you can see, I’m a bit of a ditz and that counts for my walking ability too. I can have the ugliest (well not ugliest, I still gotta look somewhat human) clothes, but my shoes better be golden, and I mean, GOLDEN. If you don’t believe me take a look at my favorite pair that I bought a couple months ago and you’ll see what I mean when I say that I “walk on gold.”

    4. Summer

I live for summer. Flowers, sun, awkward tan lines, naked face, chirping birds, running through sprinklers, dry nights. I love everything about the sticky icky season. I’ve always been an outdoors sort of girl and, when I used to live with my parents, I would spend the summers wither at the Nursery buying plants, or in my parents’ backyard gardening. So you can only imagine how sunburned with dirty finger nails I became known for. Either way, I hope that one day, when I finally have a stable career in publishing, I’ll be able to have a country house where it will be summer all year round and I can spend hours a day under the sun.


List 5 Songs That Make You Happy

If I could list all songs from Angus & Julia Stone then I totally would, but I gotta try to keep some variety here goin’ so I’m only going to add one and the rest will be well, uh… not Angus & Julia Stone (I swear, I just talk for no reason. Shut your pie-hole Delphine!).

          1. Living on a Rainbow, Angus & Julia Stone

2. Take You Higher, Goodwill & Hook N Sling

      3. Build Me Up Buttercup, The Foundations

    4. Nuttin But Stringz, Thunder

  5. Suis-Moi, Camille

I want to know more about what makes all y’all happy dappy so either leave me a babble below or allow me, if you please to victimize a selected few of you. And here you are, not randomly selected, but because, yes, I do care to know what puts that cheesy little smile on your pretty faces every morning:

Abby @ Puppa Pages
Kiersten @ Once Upon a Spine
Meggy @ Chocolate’n’Waffles

Yours Truly,


15 thoughts on “What Makes You Happy Tag

  1. HAHA “dimwit” crushes I’m dyING (plus those shoes really are beautiful!!)

    and ooOOoooh an epically gorgeous guy?? *wiggles eyebrows* do go run off together into the sunset, I completely support this *wiggles eyebrows for added emphasis*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Isn’t it so true though!?! So glad puberty is over and done with – yeeeee adult life… lol jk NOT!
      OMG I know right, I’ve had them for like 2 months now and have only worn them once so I’m beginning to question the purpose here lol.
      Yup, he had my eyes poppin’ out of my socket, but I think I scared him away. He probably detected right off the bat what a nutcase I am. 😦 *sigh*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Adulting is no fun at all. )): I can relate to that so much, I buy something & tell myself I’ll wear it all the time but in reality, it just sits in the back of my closet all forlornly

        & don’t you worry!! I trust that you’ll be able to charm him completely (((;

        Liked by 1 person

  2. GIRL, you totally made my day!!! i was lauging my a** off! hahahaha, this was fantastic! thanks so much for all the kind words. my cheeks are red and i am beaming ❤
    your answers are so good. and your writing is hilarious. i am so thankful, that i met you here! 🙂
    first: haruki is just the cutest!!!!!
    second: can i visit you in that country house, please?
    third: angus and julia stone? hell yes!
    fourth: why do you build me up, buttercup… lalalala *thanks for reminding me of this awesome song!
    fifth: what happened with that guy? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha – well thank you so much for tagging me, as you can see this post was a lot of fun to write and really turned my drab morning around!
      Thank you – he’s becoming used to getting pictures taken of him so now whenever he sees me reaching for my phone he makes a run for it.
      Yes! I will need all the company I can get!
      Right? They are the absolute best?!?!
      Seriously that song just makes me want to eat nutter butters all day long and forget about my diet lol.
      A total of nothing happened with the potential hottie. He must have realized I was creepily staring at him because soon enough he left his seat and went to sit across the café… lol #foreveralone

      Liked by 1 person

      1. awwww, so sorry to hear that! he should have walked over to you and then it would have been the best love story ever because in that moment you wrote your answers to MY questions! and then i would come to your wedding and and and… ok my mind just started wandering off 😂
        i guess he just wasn’t the right guy!

        haha, my cats also run when i start taking the phone 😂🙈

        pfff diet. who needs a diet when you can dance to “build me up buttercup” 😍


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