One Lovely Blogger Award

Dear fellow Babblers,

We’re more than halfway through August. Summer is almost over and we ask ourselves: ALREADY? Yup, it’s a bummer. Most of my time has been spent reading and interning so I’m really not sure what the future holds for me at this point. I’ll still be lovey dovey with y’all here, of course. But I am indeed in quite the rut if I do say so myself. Maybe it’s time to just drop everything and put up a lemonade stand – perhaps that’ll get the inspiration rollin’ out.

Well enough of Señorita Delphine’s drab humor. Off to today’s nomination post. Abrazos and besitos go to the lovely duo Ashley & Sabrina over at 5171 Miles Book Blog for nominating me for One Lovely Blogger Award. These gals are adorbs and their blog is altogether quirky, fun, and always insightful. I insist that you follow them if you care any bit about my personal opinion (my opinion matters! Power to the people! – lol idk). 

Now, lets do rules, ain’t no one tryin’ to cheat here (*wink*wink*):

  • Snaps and claps for your nominator (DO IT!)
  • Add zee purdy little Lovely Blogger Award icon to your post (for my twits our their, it’s the image like, directly above all this rambling)
  • Use adequate judgement to asses what is G rated and what is XXX when giving your readers 7 facts of your banal existence
  • Nominate more, ain’t no one stopping with you
    Do this (rules kids, how many times do I gotta repeat it!)
    Tell your nominees (I never follow that I just include pingbacks)

G-Rated Secrets about moiiiiii-ha-ha-ha:  (evil pumpkin laugh – yes I did just say pumpkin, haven’t you watched The Nightmare Before Christmas?!?!?!)

                    1. Call me chica Ditz Twit

I like in my own luney tuney world. Reality has never appealed to me, so I enjoy daydreaming all day long. Whenever someone’s attempting to have a conversation with me about something other than books or a life threatening emergency, I may seem like I’m paying attention but, nope, not at all. Half the time I’m in some far off land where trolls spit skittles and faeries poop chocolate. If daydreaming could be made into a career I guarantee y’all I’d be sittin’ on millions I tell ya, millions! I’m sure many of my lovely readers can relate with this one. Okay, maybe not spitting skittles and farting chocolate. I mean the part of escaping the threats of reality by living in one’s own imagination. Isn’t that part of the reason why we’re readers ? So we can lose ourselves in a universe where nothing is for sure and everything is possible? I may be a ditz twit but I know my imagination and money dreaming are indeed what keep me sane and guard me from living a hopeless existence altogether.

                     2. I’m half Mexican half Kurdish

Naw. Naw man. Not Russian. I get that one a lot… Kurdistan is not an independent country but is a no man’s land floating somewhere in the middle east. But check this out: that lil’ desert has the largest diaspora in the world. Ain’t so small now after all, huh? I don’t speak the language, of course, as I identify a lot more, almost completely with my Mexican upbringing, being a lot closer to my mom and her family and culture. However, French is the only other language besides English that I’m completely fluent in. Don’t ask me why, that’s just the bizz of señorita Delphine’s pathetic multicultural existence.

I’m a mutt, what can I say?

                    3. I’ve had the same dream (nightmare, if we could call it that) every night since I was a child

Yup, you heard meh. So get this guys, and then decide if I need to be enlisted in a psychiatric ward or not: I’m with my mom and grandma shopping at Costco right and somehow, I lose the two of them as I’m sampling oatmeal cranberry cookies.Long story short these two lovely, equally responsible (not) ladies leave without me and I get attacked my a massive army of gigantic green Crayola crayons! And I must use my coloring powers to fight them. I basically have to grow strength by eating as much oatmeal cranberry cookies as I possibly can in order to grow large enough to overpower them and color the entire supermarket green! I never manage to remember what happens after that, but, as you can see, I have attachment issues to my mama. Apparently I’m still a six year old living in a 23-year-old body *eek*.

                     4. Marc Chagall is bae!

You know, that own Russian-Jewish artist from that little town in Russia, Vitebsk. Ugh. Come on guys. Yes, we all love reading, but give some love to the artists! Marc Chagall is one of the most amazing artists of the twentieth century. He’s my absolute favorite painter in the whole wide world. Below I added my favorite painting from him. Just look at that playfully childish technique that he uses. I swear, this man’s imagination exceeds all genius and artistic exploration. What I would give to live in his mind and experience a world as colorfully dreamy as his.

Paris par la fenêtre, 1913.
La Maison Bleau,1920

                    5. Hey look! There’s Delphine! *quickly walk in other direction*

I’m a talker. I mean, I talk, babble, ramble, A LOT! But that doesn’t mean I like to talk. Uhh… walking contradiction! No. Listen. Lets get this pantie hose clear: my conversation topics just about always relate to books, art or some random idea that pops into my mind in the spur of the moment. That leaves out 1783792749273940242384020384023823042348023 possible conversation topics that may be of interest to others. I live by the motto: “don’t speak unless absolutely necessary, unless you’re Delphine.” When people talk to me (this goes back to my first fact) I rarely pay any attention and will abruptly, with little shame, cut them off, inform them of their pointless speech and walk in the other direction. I get irritated really fast when I’m around people so most of the time it’s just me and my books. I’m not shy, but I prefer to be alone. Boo hoo.

                     6. Car + Delphine = Urgent Care, possible allergy to motor vehicles

I abhor, detest with all my black, crumbling heart riding in any motor vehicle – bus, car, van, freaking motorcycle. I get motion sickness like it’s nobody’s business. Ten minutes in a car and you better pull over and give me a barf baggy cause I ain’t feelin’ the ride. I would rather walk hours to get to my location and show up sweaty than ride in a smelly, stuffy, moving car for half an hour and show up lookin fab, but sick. There has been several occasions when I was still attending UCLA that I would often walk to school from the place I’m living now. That’s nearly a two hour walk with all my books and short little legs carrying me from Los Angeles, through Beverly Hills and finally into Westwood. As you can imagine, I’ve got a year-round tomato sun burn and scary man muscle legs as a result, pretty sexy huh?

                    7. Someday all be livin in a tiny old cottage where veggies grow from below and birds sing from above

I’ve always dreamed of living out of the city in a small town on the countryside. I’ve never been big on the whole clubbing and party night life. I love the outdoors, the smell of grass, and the music of the wind. To one day own a cottage, perhaps in Provence where I can grow my own food and bike to farmers market without having to worry about getting mauled by honking BMW’s and bustling pedestrians would truly be the picture perfect life for me. I’m not sure how I can work that in with my career aspirations of working in publishing but, just let me dream will ya!??!?!

I just realized that most of these confessions are mostly just dreams and hopes that I carry with me and entertain on a daily basis. Now that y’all know what keeps me somewhat in my right mind on a day-to-day basis it’s that time for me to choose the unlucky 15. Yup, here it comes and these choices are by no means random as I spend quality time in deciding who I would like to come out from behind their computer screen into the spotlight to share some quirky, always G rated personal facts….

Nominees, here you are: (Ignore should you wish, but I hope you know that you LOVELY! Hugs and kisses my darlings and may honey cakes and spiced cider come your way!)

Janna at My-Honest-to-Goodness-Thoughts 
Lola at bookfandom1001
Christina at Pages With Wings
Angela at Books of a Shy Girl
Joe at bookloversblog
Emily at Who Gave the Write
Lu at It’s Lu Again

Yours Truly, 

(Image credits go to Pinterest)

7 thoughts on “One Lovely Blogger Award

    1. I’m tellin ya girl, I walk miles and I mean MILES every single day when I have to go somewhere. Unfortunately my internship is a bit of a ways away so for that I have to use Uber and let me tell ya it is NOT NOT NOT fun! bleh

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      1. It’s been on my to-do list for months now! The grad programs I’m applying to are all overseas so I’m counting on that as my ticket out lol

        Liked by 1 person

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