Wonder Woman Book Tag

Dear fellow Babblers,

So I got a cray cray update for y’all. I’m in anti-social non babble mood at the moment. All I want to do is read and escape from reality in every way, shape, and form humanely (or non humanely since I’m eating portions more fit for big foot at this point) possible. And that includes the blogosphere as well. It’s not like any of y’all would notice anyway… Well, except for my cyber stalkers or creepy fans out there who live, breathe, and dwell on each and every word of my posts. Everything is going pretty *meh,* *bah,* *ugh,* *get the mother effff out of my face,* in my life right now. I’ve gotten into a routine which consists of going on excruciatingly long runs in the mornings just to get my nonexistent muscles back in motion, laying in bed with a cup of artificially sweetened tea an ARC on my lap, a possible nap here and there, and then whatever I feel up to next to complete my banal daylight waking hours. So, as y’all can see, not much is happenen’ in my vida right now which should bring me peace and make me feel a bit tranquil and stress free. Unfortunately Delphine is a negative little fishy who cannot keep herself still for long enough for her to hold her breath. I’m not exactly sure where I’m even going with this rant but the fact of the matter is Señorita Delphine is feeling especially antisocial and down in the dumps this week. Hence, she (AKA this B***) is unable to come up with anything interesting or even close to unique to blog about. Sure, I’m reading now more than ever just because I’m trying to take a step away from my own life given some of the personal battles I’m struggling against at the moment, but I don’t have much to say about really anything. Well, maybe I do, but I don’t have the strength, creativity, LITERARY VOICE to express my feelings about anything that I’m reading. So I thought I would take advantage and do one of my tags. I hope y’all aren’t here for some of Delphine’s usual free comedy happy hour sesh cause sorry to break it to ya my lovelies but that just ain’t happenin’ today.

One of my bestiest bestest blogging buddies, Alex at coffeeloving bookoholic has recently tagged me in the Wonder Woman Book Tag so I thought I would put this one first in my never-ending to-do tag list. Before I begin, however, I just want to give an honorary message to Alex for always reading my banters and my attempted book reviews. She is always active and ready for a bookish babble. Given that I have very few friends in this horrid reality who love reading the way I do, I have had so much fun these past few months talking books with Alex. Make sure to check out her blog and give her a follow for some of the latest reviews on recent releases as well as a huge selection of memes, tags, and nominations where you can learn more about the blogger behind the blog!
Enough of my pessimistic, depression talk… Lets put on our smiley faces and get back to the purpose of this post… Tag Time, BOOYAHContinue reading “Wonder Woman Book Tag”