The Miranda Sings Award

Dear fellow Babblers,

I’m really going to France. I can’t believe it’s finally happening. You see, I’ve been so close to going to France so many times in the past and then in the very last second something always, and I literally mean always happens that prevents me from going. But this time around I really feel it all happening and coming together. I was accepted into the TAPIF program all the way back in April but it wasn’t until like last week that I decided to go. I basically was holding onto this psychotic idea that the guy that I was having a fling with would finally *like like* me, but turns out, I kinda got screwed over. Long story short I cried and felt sorry for myself for two days and finally said ohh no you don’t doll face. I would have halted my dreams for you. But, well, as y’all can probably guess, my hopes were a bit shattered. I liked him since high school, so it hurts quite a bit but at this point there really is nothing more I can do but leave. So just like that I decided to put that chapter of my naive young adult life behind me and make myself the priority. I’m not reading as much as I have been the last couple of days when I was in *broken heart* mode given that I’m so excited to go to France so all I can really do all day is daydream. So I thought I would use this opportunity to catch up on nominations. 

I was nominated by our very own adorable Des over at Des’ Random Thoughts for the The Miranda Sings Award. Let’s all take just moment to dwell over this title… *tick* *tock* *tick* *tock*… What the bloody hell is this? (I think I just broke one of the rules of “no negative connotation” – LOL – thug life). Be a trooper will ya and go over to Des’ blog. It is the very epitome of happy. You just get there and automatically feel the boy and love that Des has for books and writing. It’s always a pleasure to read her posts as they are always positive and have recently given me motivation to perhaps be a little less critical (I’m pretty opinionated *sorry* *not sorry*) and more constructive in my own posts.

                    Rules: (I really don’t play by the rules like ever but I’m just going to include them anyway in case one of my good-too-shooo readers decide to do this tag (or nomination – whatevs)

  • Say you won (no – s***, really?) and pingback your nominator (I swear, these rules were made for dolts)
  • Plagiarize and include image above
  • Nominate 10+ bloggers (not like anyones counting)
  • 7 fun facts about yourself that come to mind
  •  This is the one I find the most hilarious…”Don’t use negative connotation.” (I swear, if this was a contest I’m pretty sure I would have been disqualified a longggg time ago)

                    1. I love vintage shopping. There really is just something magical about buying something used. Whether it be a dress, booties, or a damaged book, I always like the sense of enchantment I feel when I buy something that’s been owned by another person. Sometimes, I even like to daydream and play pretend what kind of person this “object” once belonged to. It’s fun to think of whose hands owned what I am now adopting. Okay. This sounds a little weird and a bit too dramatic. I’ll stop now before y’all report me for being a tad bit overly cray cray.

                    2. Sometimes I wish I was a cat. I swear, my baby don’t know how good he even got it. I mean. Seriously guys. What is the purpose of a cat than to be completely and utterly CUH-UTE and photogenic? I swear those guys are the hugest camera sluts that ever existed. Here is Haruki’s 7 day/24 hr routine:

4:30 am: Wake Up
5:00 am: Destroy living room carpet
5:15 am: meditate on bed
6:00 am: Destroy Delphine’s shoes
8:00 am: Scream and Whine Bloody Murder
8:15 am: Either Delphine Feeds Haruki or has her eyes scratched out by Haruki
9:00 am – 6:30 pm: On and off napping and cuddling with Delphine
6:40 – 7:15: Follow Delphine around apartment
7:30: Either Delphine Feeds Haruki or has her eyes scratched out by Haruki
9:00 pm: On and off sleeping and cuddling with Delphine
… I’m tellin ya guys. Cats be living the good life. For real. Can I be a cat yet?

                    3. Do not talk to me about politics. I don’t know if that counts as a “fun” fact but I just feel that with all the horrible things going on around the world that I would go ahead and throw it out there that I am a Libertarian and do not tolerate racial slurs or highly derogatory remarks against a select group of people under any and all circumstances. We have come too far in history to be “playing” these games. Enough is enough. Everyone has a heart and therefore deserves happiness, love, and freedom of expression. So lets all be friends and eat a cookie.

                     4. I don’t do color vomit. Yup. Yuh heard me. And what does this mean? You will never catch me in some neon, wacky ass prints of multiple colors. I’m a neutral gal who loves fashion but up to a certain limit. I mean, come on people. Have some pride! I like wearing neutral colors because I think they are perfect for whatever season such as whites, maroons, and yellows. But not all at once PLEASE!

                      5. Umm… I got nothing. How about… I speak French? Well, duh. I mean I dug myself into mounds of student debt just to earn a degree in the language so you best be damn straight that je parle le français courrament. Up till a few weeks ago however I was feeling a bit guilty about my degree however because what I ultimately want to do in the end of the day is work in publishing. The real reason I wanted to major in French in university to begin with was because I figured if I learned a different language I could ultimately pack up my bags and leave the country just like that (I was having relationship issues at the time so I was really just trying to escape my psycho ex). Well. Reality check kids. It all ain’t that easy. But wait… MAYBE IT IS. You know why? In case y’all forgot I’m leaving for Dijon in just a few days! And for how long? Just about a year! And what will I be doing other than stuffing my face? Teaching English! AHAHAHAHAHH I’m so excited I just had to repeat it.

                    6. Ewwww don’t touch me! Das right sickos. I’m a complete and utterly psycho germaphobe. I can’t take people standing really close to me or even brushing their shoulder against me in a bus. I have no scruples and will literally pull out my hand sanitizer right then and there and pour it all over the place where the germ-infested individual touched me. Yes, I’m fully aware that it’s mean. And well, I don’t care. Survival of the fittest my peeps. Social Darwinism reigns FOREVAAAA!!!

                    7. Last fun fact? When I was in high school I used to be a total bad ass. I eventually got my act together but throughout most of high school it was rare that you didn’t find me with a referall hanging out of my backpack to take to the bald headed principal’s office (I still remember his shiny face. Huge eyes too – I’m still traumatized). One of my most epic moments was during AP Government. I called my teacher a douche bag for no reason other than I wanted to put him down (yes I’m mean, get over it). Long story short I got an in house suspension which basically meant I had to spend the next two weeks in the school office during the period I was supposed to have with that teacher. I mean, it was fine by me. It’s not like I wanted to be in his class anyway. Remember? I hate politics.

Well there’s your facts about this chica for todays my peeps. Hugs and kisses from my hood. Next time I post I’ll be in the airport going, where? Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. You know you wanna. Say it with me now: “DIJON!!!” A BIENTÔT!

Oh wait. My nominees. Not so sure if anyone is going to be interested in this tag just cause the name is like, really weird (no, I’m still not over it). So I don’t think it’s fair to single anyone out. Instead I’d like if you guys just leave me a comment telling one fun fact about yourself. I think that is a good compromise. And why do I request such a thing? I’m an inquisitive gal, get over it.

Yours Truly, 

(A selection of image credits go to Google)

25 thoughts on “The Miranda Sings Award

  1. ahhh you’re going to France, that sounds absolutely amazing!! 💓I’ve always wanted to visit France (except my command of the French language is horrid, #woops!) & honestly, you are a QUEEN and any guy who doesn’t see that isn’t worth your time. flip your hair at him!! YOU GO, GIRL. 💁

    There’s nothing crazy about your love of vintage shopping! I can completely relate; it’s always fun to imagine what the previous owner was like. also i, too, aspire to be a kitty. haruki is livin’ the life, man.


    1. I can’t wait! The only issue is that the region I’m going to is super cold and I’m a summer gal *YIKES*. Oh dear, same here. My French is not as perfect as I would like, but I guess this is the only way to get better! Awww, if only he was reading this comment now, thank you so much for those kind words.

      Oh good! I swear, I shop like it’s nobody’s business! Packing has become an absolute NIGHTMARE because there’s soooo much I want to pack, but unfortunately can’t. OMG, right! That guy is so spoiled and if I attempt to pet him while he’s napping I instantly get bitten! Jeesh. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on your new job!! That’s amazing!! Sorry about the heartbreak though, I’ve been through that stuff and it’s not fun at all 😦 But I’m glad you’re not letting it stop you from taking on this dream!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Steph – I’m super excited, it’s all happening so fast. It’s alright, it’s a bit of a bummer, but life goes on. ❤ Traveling beat sticking around for a guy anyway, haha. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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