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Dear fellow Babblers,

It’s been a while since I had a heart-to-heart chit chat with y’all. Since my blog has undergone a shift from book reviews to include my new project, Wanderings, I’ve been feeling a bit lost and confused as to where I stand in the blogging community as well as in my life. Thinks are moving fast for me without really going anywhere. I write things without really meaning anything. I talk about things without really saying anything about them. I’ve been staring at this screen for the last couple hours, but if I’m being honest I’ve been staring at it for the last couple of days. If anything brings me peace and pieces me back together, if only for a short while, its writing to anyone here that still bothers to scroll through their feed and click and read through my dry, sometimes, but more often than not, babbles.

For that past few days I’ve been waking up at odd hours of the night due to some medical issues I’ve been dealing with and once I wake up, there’s no chance that I fall back to sleep again. During these quiet hours when the rest of my town is either sleeping or going through the same sickening nostalgia as I am, I go to my old soul playlists and spend the next five hours reading each and ever word I have ever written, be it on my blog or a document uncovered in my computer files. Some are lighthearted and quirky, but, more often than not, they are melancholic and reminiscent of a time where simplicity and innocence was all I ever knew.

For todays’ post I am going to share my world with y’all. I found this meme, “Share Your World” from one of my new favorite bloggers, Julie, a photographer and graphic artist. As most of my followers are book reviewers and/or wanderlust gypsies, I whole-heartedly recommend meandering over to her site and checking out all of her stunning photography, travel features, not to mention breathtaking art.

Especially as January is already coming to a close, it’s especially of value to me as a blogger and total lost pigeon to share my world, whatever my world is and by sharing it, maybe I’ll finally figure out what exactly my “world” even is… 

                     Complete this sentence: I’m looking forward to…
Waking up every morning and feeling grateful. It seems like something that should come naturally, given that I’ve had so many opportunities and have thus far done so much. And even if I had not, we should all be grateful for another day of life. For me, it just hasn’t been the case. Waking up, later and later every day, just to avoid waking hours, out of fear that yet another problem will come my way, that another person will break me. But stick with me guys, I’m still working on myself and nobody’s perfect. Everything takes time.

                    What is your favorite comfort snack food ?
This is tough. Really tough, as I usually eat the same things every single day. So if I need to eat for comfort I really just eat whatever I find in my home which is usually frozen vegetable, bottled smoothies and lots of persimmons (that one super expensive fruit that looks like a non fuzzy peach). If I really got the choice though, it would be trail mix with the non salty almonds and tiny chocolate candies mixed in. However, it’s rare that one would ever find that in my home, and if it is ever found, I probably won’t know about it.

                    What was one of your first moneymaking jobs (other than babysitting or
newspaper delivery) ?
Ugh…this is not a sweet memory. I worked as an on-commission sales chick at some “high end” shoe store that is now, like five years later, out of business (dare I be happy?) I actually only lasted at this place for like 3 months until I got “let go”, more like brutally pushed out the door. I worked with like ten other gals which is already a recipe for disaster as girls, all into themselves, tend to be brutes. I was really determined at the time to make the most commission, which, at least for 6 weeks I did. When this became a pattern I quickly became the most hated girl on staff and as I was more on the quiet side, I had no friends to really turn to. My end came on Christmas Eve when one of the supervisors decided to send me through the crowded mall at peak shopping hours with two cartons of garbage, both weighing more than me, down to the dumpster. Of course, I bumped into someone and knocked them down, an accident in my defense. But, of course again, this was simply a trap, a reason to fire me…. Didn’t want to stay there anyway, phew that’s over.

                    What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week ? Feel free to use a
quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination
It’s taken me almost half an hour to even think about what has been even close to inspirational this week for me, as it’s been one of my ‘low’ weeks. Where I am in the world isn’t exactly a ‘happy’ place as there are few people around to share my life, thoughts – me – with. This is a partial reason for the onset of my wanderlust; the reason why I have mustered up the courage and pennies to travel with all the free time I can find. When I put my life in this perspective it’s that. That is exactly what has inspired me. Not just this week, but ever since I landed here from my, once-called-home, Los Angeles. Stepping out from behind the pages of my books, the comfort of my corner of the room, and away from the lock on my door. Booking that bus, train, plane ticket to anywhere and discovering the world instead of letting my past, fears, and whatever other excuse I can come up with, control me.

“No possessions keep me. No country contains me. No time detains me”

Writing this post gives me reason to keep going. A reason to wake up every morning and not feel pained by every waking moment. Wandering, dreaming, reading, writing to all my fellow babblers, even writing this meme, is everything and more that I need. So I guess I really should go back to the first question of this post of what I’m looking forward to. Right now, if I’m being honest, I’m looking forward to tomorrow, and the day after that. And the next post I write, and the one after that. And the next culture I discover, and the next after that… Things are already looking up. A little self expression and reflection, that’s all it took…

Yours Truly,


6 thoughts on “Share Your World meme | Is This Delphine’s World ???

    1. Blehhhhh – that place was an absolute nightmare – the only place I liked about it was that it was conveniently located to the food court, lol.
      Thanks, as always Dani. I hope this week picks up for you and next week is happy, sunny and full of cupcakes! 😀 ❤

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  1. Hey Delphine!! this is my first trip over to your blog but i love this post and your writing style ❤ keep writing and try to enjoy every bit of life you can (and don't worry too much if that's difficult) because you seem amazing and I'm sure everything will become happier soon

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww – your comment totally just made my day! Thank you so much for taking the time to look and read through my blog, it really means a lot to me. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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