7 thoughts on “YA Under Trump

    1. Isn’t it crazy this whole shift that it’s undergoing! I mean, I’m 23 still a young adult, but not a teenager, but YA as a genre nowadays I think can be read by not just high schoolers but all adults due to the very relevant social issues that it addresses.
      Thanks for reading Ally!

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    1. OMG Yes! It’s AMAZING! I just went to see the movie the other day and was absolutely BAWLING in literal tears. Such a powerful story.
      Thank you for reading Rae! ❤

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      1. I want to go see the movie sooo bad, me and my friends are trying to figure out a day that works with all our schedules. I’m happy you enjoyed it and I’m super excited to watch it on the big screen, I’ll be sure to bring tissues

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  1. This was such an interesting read! Not only is this list full of really interesting books (my TBR list is suffering so badly right now, haha) but I never really stopped to think deeply about how the political situation of America is affecting the book industry so completely. You bring up a lot of really interesting and well-written points! Thanks for this great post! It was such a good read 🙂

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