2019 Releases That I’m Looking Forward To…

Ever since I started interning for ELLE Magazine, in the Book Features department I have been adding countless titles to my To-Read Goodreads shelf. Although I do try to aim my reviews specifically towards YA and mental health specifically, not all from this shelf fall under either category so I’m sure there is even something for the posh literary enthusiast roaming around out there between Balzac and Hemingway. I have been coming across some amazing adult fiction, literary fiction, and even a couple plays here and there. It’s awe-inspiring all of the books that are being published in the coming year. What with 2019 just around the corner, I thought what better way to look towards a fantastic new year of of drop diets, women empowerment and new hairdos than with a new Goodreads reading list for readers ?

Here are 10 of some 2019 releases that I will be waiting outside of Barnes & Nobles in the blistering NYC wind to be to first to get my hands on:

If, Then by Kate Hope Day (March 12, 2019, Random House)
In a dusty old town lost in Oregon, the silent peace shared among the lives of four dismal neighbors is thrown off its course when each begin to find themselves in an alternate reality. Kate Hope Day’s debut novel is a addictive read, luring in readers looking for an imaginative thriller. It will make readers reimagine themselves, and reflect on the best and worst perceived versions of themselves.


The White Card: A Play by Claudia Rankine (March 19, 2019, Graywolf Press)
In this one act play, Claudia Rankine explores the highly relevant question of our time: Can American society progress if racism still exists. In the span of two scenes, the attitudes and ideas that our nation’s population has had, since before the civil rights era of color is satirized as Rankine challenges society to destroy racial divisions and see one another for his or her language, rather for his or her designated skin color.


White Elephant by Julie Langsdorf (March 26, 2019, Ecco)
In this witty and compelling story the D.C. suburbia, which, up to this point has remained unexplored, is brought to the stage through the examination of a series of neighbors who feel nothing but animosity towards one another. This is an incredibly written, in-depth piece of work that delves deep into the human condition, intriguing readers to the very end.


Before We Were Wicked by Eric Jerome Dickey (April 16, 2019, Dutton Books)
Lust, infidelity and evil makeup this compelling new novel from New York Times bestselling author, Erick Jerome Dickey. In this dark and forbidden story, the consequences of evil drive a young man into the life of an angelic beauty. One night of passion leads to an escalating series of events that will change young Ken’s life forever.


My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing (March 26th, Berkley Books)
In this thrilling, extremely dark and twisted thriller, the banal and simple lives of a suburban couple are changed when they take up some new and interesting new extracurricular activities: murdering.



Such Good Work by Johannes Lichtman (February 5, 2019, Simon & Schuster)
In this timelessly comic debut novel, a troubled writing teacher’s determination to free himself from drugs and become sober lead him to Malmö, Sweden




The Lost Night by Andrea Bartz (February 26, 2019, Crown)
Andrea Bartz’s dark murder mystery takes readers to New York, spanning the course of ten years. In this unpredictable “who did it thriller” anyone is at fault.. The social dynamics and thinking of a group of friends is examined, creating a complex and highly thought out storyline, resulting in an entertaining and compulsory read, sure to keep readers on the edge of heir seat.


Sea Monsters by Chloe Aridjis (February 5, 2019, Black Balloon Publishing)
This is a wonderfully magical story that brings readers back in time to Mexico during the 1980s. It has a nostalgic tone that is sure to remind us of our rebellious youth and the sun beaten afternoons we used to spend daydreaming of the worlds limitless possibilities, swearing to ourselves and to anyone who would listen that we would have a different life, something different and exciting than what anyone could have expected. (low key, this is the title I’m MOST excited to read!)


The Heavens by Sandra Newman (February 2, 2019, Grove Atlantic)
In this deeply psychological and mesmerizing literary work the boundaries between imagination and realities are blurred and time becomes the enemy and the savior of each. Samantha Downing paints an incredibly futuristic portrait of an alternate reality that threatens and overwhelms the life of a young woman, masterfully scrutinizing the power of dreams on our lives. Newman grapples with some of the most simple, yet difficult-to-achieve issues of our time, urging readers to reconsider what it means to be human in the modern world.


The Age of Light by Whitney Scharer (February 5, 2019, Little, Brown and Company)
This is an engrossing look into the life of model-turned-photographer, Lee Miller. Told in beautiful, charismatic prose readers are brought to Paris, where Lee Miller arrives in 1929 and soon after gets involved in a passionate affair with the artist Man Ray in 1930. She becomes swept into the smoky, wild evenings of bohemian Paris and discovers a new artistic way of life – brilliantly detailed and explored by Whitney Scharer.


Yours Truly, 

(Book image credits go to Goodreads)

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    1. OMG right?? At this point my TBR is bigger than my read pile! There are soooo many good books coming out soon! 😀


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