Babble To Señorita Babbler About Whatcha Reading On This Monday

Dear fellow Babblers,

Wake Up. Sound the alarm. Put your overalls on. Don’t forget Señor Bus Pass and Señorita House Keys. And lezzz-gooowww…. It’s Monday y’all! Get your cozy little tushy outta bed and out into friendly and dusty ‘ole reality!

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Oh yeah – don’t forget to air me a big smoochie kiss down below ! Wait… whah?! ?!
Das Right – Señorita Babbler – or shall we call her lazy bikini bottoms – has used her America, the Beautiful as an excuse to call off work an cuddle up with her furry little man, Haruki and dive in on her July TBR.

Say “Bonjour” Señor Lazy Love-Bug, Haruki ! 

So while you, my dearest fellow book-a-freaks are ringing up customers at the grocery store, pretending to listen to your smelly breath calculus professor train you on the derivatives of the evil tangent line – whatever is keeping you from gravitating from reality into the fiction world – I am here with, no, not more Murakami, at least not yet – on the TBR though (for my full July TBR visit my last post here)! I’ve been so excited about my reading plan for the month that choosing where to start proved to be the hardest part. So what more appropriate an occasion to utilize the good ‘ole ‘Eenie-meenie-minie-mow’? Continue reading “Babble To Señorita Babbler About Whatcha Reading On This Monday”

July TBR | Babblers Gonna Babble Books

Dear fellow Babblers,

June has been a pretty *meh* month for me. I haven’t come across anything truly worth my babbles. After reading The Circle at the beginning of the month I’m pretty sure the rest of my month of reading was tainted by that despicable piece of craftsmanship (you can find a full review of The Circle here). I spent this afternoon finishing up on Dear Mr. M by Herman Koch and will definitely will be posting a review of it soon to share with y’all yet another one of my readerly sufferings. I wasn’t as impressed as I anticipated. The Dinner is a whole lot better. Dear Mr. M is just a bunch of twists and turns between multiple focalizers spanning the course of several years. The disappearance of a high school history teacher is what’s supposed to draw the narratives together but I found the lack of linearity very difficult to keep up with. *sigh*

june gloom Continue reading “July TBR | Babblers Gonna Babble Books”

Book Babbler Conundrums

Dear fellow Babblers,

If you have unfortunately stumbled upon, become strangely intrigued by, and miraculously have thereafter clicked *Follow* on Delphine’s Babble on Some Good Reads (also know as …*where you are now*) then you will have caught on by now that I truly live up to my virtual existence as a Babbler; book Babbler if you decide to grant me such an honor.

Like most of you, I myself have a life which of school, work, commitments, commitments and then some more commitments that are supposedly important. Despite the overbearing weight that life has increasingly pounded onto me I’ve always found time, one way or another to snuggle into a silent (for once) mound under my coffee-stained blanket and read. How I fit reading into my busy, yet meaningless life is another babble for another day.

Instead, why don’t we babble (it’s more like ranting, really) about the oh so « breezy » life of book blogging. Okay, I’ve only been at it for about a month now and I already feel book blogging permeating into every sphere of my life (not that I had much going for me anyway, if you so choose to endure some more of this sort of negative, yet somewhat totally common logic check out The Fear of the Literature Graduate !), and here is why: Continue reading “Book Babbler Conundrums”

Reader Babbles: Read Whah?

Dear fellow Babblers,

Humm didd lee dumm…
Write. Read. Daydream. Nightdream (not sure if that’s a word). Write. Read.
Yup. In brief, there’s a typical bibliophile for y’all.

I’m the gal you see sitting for hours on end at the local coffee shop, bookstore, park. Anywhere that I can write, read, daydream, nighdream and then write and read all over again. It doesn’t matter what time of day, what day, or what kind of day (weekday, weekend, Thanksgiving, Christmas), a reader gonna read!
The onlookers are like « Read Whah? » (emphasis on the ‘Whah? »). So allow me, if I may, to babble for all them readers parousing through the mall, sitting constipated in the bathroom stall, shifting awkwardly in the metro, waiting patiently at the nail salon, laying lackadaisically in the park – I present to y’all  6 of the tops « Whah »’s (English translation: ‘why’) us readers read. Continue reading “Reader Babbles: Read Whah?”

The Blogosphere? Indeed, the estrangosphere

Dear fellow Babblers,

Stop. Think. Observe. Where are you reading this babble? What are you doing? What are you wearing? What do you look like? What are you stopping from doing? What are you thinking about doing? What are you observing someone else doing? How do you see yourself? Now? Yesterday? Tomorrow? How do you perceive yourself? Loving? Fun? Pretty? Handsome? Fat? Thin?

Now allow us to enter the blogosphere…

Continue reading “The Blogosphere? Indeed, the estrangosphere”

The Fear of the Literature Graduate

Throughout my university career I have begun multiple blog accounts – all with some sort of exciting intention or goal. Long story short, all have fallen through. Let’s not get into logistics and the technicalities of what sort of thematics I adopted. It was plainly a lack of inspiration and a laziness on my part. Ever since I was a young gal lost somewhere between San Francisco and Los Angeles, I have been a BIG reader. I could lose myself for long hours after school and into the weekend with a crisp new novel just delivered by my Scholastic book subscription.Lets fast forward a decade – not much has changed – perhaps a couple inches taller (I remain the same height as my middle school days, a feeble 5 feet) and a few hair shades lighter, but all in all, my love for books has not changed.  Continue reading “The Fear of the Literature Graduate”