Review Policy

I am welcoming review copies – I provide full, honest and unbiased reviews from various literary genres. My relationship with authors and publishers remains neutral in my reading. Therefore, there will be no influence of any such relationships in my reviews. 

I prefer copies in print – but I will also accept ebooks and PDFs, if there is no print available.

I will finish reading the entire book – my reviews analyze thematics of the novel as well as illustrate my perceptions and feelings about the character, development, and style.

If you would like a book reviewed immediately – mention the time frame within which you would like your book reviewed and I will try my best to fulfill your wishes. Reviews will typically be posted within two weeks of my acceptance to review.

I enjoy just about any literary genre, but I prefer – 

  • Young Adult
  • Fantasy/Science Fiction
  • Literary Fiction
  • Mystery/Suspense
  • I will occasionally accept contemporary poetry

Reviews are posted on all my social media – Upon completion of your book and review it will be posted on my blog, amazon, goodreads, twitter, my personal facebook account, and on my linkedin profile.

Contact me via facebook, twitter, goodreads, or email ( if you are an author/publisher looking to have your book reviewed along with the Goodreads link to the title. 

Yours Truly,