ARC Review: Girls Made of Snow and Glass | A Cold Touch Cures a Shattered Heart


Title: Girls Made of Snow and Glass

Author: Melissa Bashardoust

Publisher: Flatiron Books

Expected Publication Date: September 5, 2017

Rating: 3.5 Stars


I received an ARC copy of Girls Made of Snow and Glass in exchange for an honest review. Thanks goes to NetGalley as well as Flatiron Books for this advanced copy which is expected to be released September 5 2017.

“The word that Lynet hated so much had sounded like a luxury to Mina. She had tried to think of a time when she had ever felt delicate, but she couldn’t for as long as she could remember, she had always felt herself covered in invisible fractures, a map of scars like the ones that ran up and down Felix’s arms. Perhaps she was so broken that she had become unbreakable.”

Dear fellow Babblers,

Girls Made of Snow and Glass is Melissa Bashardoust’s first novel and I am looking forward to what this body of brimming imagination can come up with next. This novel is an allegory in and of itself. Bashadoust brings to the young adult genre multiple mature subjects that stretch beyond the typical coming-of-age love story. A fantasy book that is driven my feminist motivations and an evocative tone that renders the reader grasping onto his or her chair in anticipation of the final resolution: Who will be queen?  Continue reading “ARC Review: Girls Made of Snow and Glass | A Cold Touch Cures a Shattered Heart”

Review: The Hours | Tick. Babble. Tock. Babble.

Title: The Hours

Author: Michael Cunningham

Publisher: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux

Publication Date: July 31, 1998.

Rating: 3 Stars


Dear fellow babblers,

Tick, Mrs. Dalloway. Tock, Mrs. Woolf. Tick, Mrs. Brown. Tock, Mrs. Dalloway…again.

Reviewing The Hours I find myself stuck somewhere in between tick and tock. Reading a novel, poem, play, screenplay, it’s often easy for me to lose touch with reality and completely absorb myself into the world of a story. I lose touch with myself. The sounds around me. The smells hovering under my nose. The world happening around me. Time elapses into nothingness.
The Hours, however, made me fully aware of my position in reality, the noises of the outside world, the stuffiness of the air, and the slowness of time. In brief, The Hours leaves me feeling strangely hollow and irked. Continue reading “Review: The Hours | Tick. Babble. Tock. Babble.”